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How Uswim works for Parents?

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Why Parents love Uswim?


Uswim provides a refined program which is easy to understand, tested and approved by parents worldwide over the past 10 years.


Swimming can improve your relationship with your child by getting involved directly with their development.


Finding a quality swimming teacher can be difficult for some families. Uswim has solved this problem for parents.

Beautifully Simple

Parents are often amazed at how easily they can learn teaching concepts when broken down into a logical, step-by-step order.

Teaching Tools

Lesson plans map out exactly what steps to follow during a lesson which parents find really helpful. The best part about lessons is when your swimmer completes a level and you acknowledge their effort with a certificate.

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Traditional Lessons vs. Uswim

Benefits of Uswim’s online swimming lessons

  • Frequency of lessons

    There are some periods of a child’s life when they simply can’t get enough of the pool. While we advocate consistent lessons, Uswim allows parents to increase lesson per week when children are hungry to learn.
  • Flexibility

    Some children are not suited to regular lesson times each week. This can include those with special needs, or children who get sick often in winter etc. For these families it helps to be able to perform a lesson in whenever possible.
  • Community

    It’s not uncommon for parents who use Uswim to start teaching other people’s children or organising group swimming lessons/activities as a leader in their community.
  • Understanding

    Teaching your own child to swim gives parents insights into how their child learns best, what they struggle with and how they overcome adversity.

Potential problems with traditional swimming lessons

  • Teacher suitability

    Finding the right teacher who can bond and undersand your child can be a challenge and sometimes its easier for the parents to get the teaching process started.
  • Access

    People living in remote regions may not be able to get to professional swimming teachers consistently.
  • Teacher inexperience

    Unfortunately some teachers simply don’t have the experience or know-how to deal with children’s behaviour in the pool.
  • Disruption

    There are times when group lessons can be ineffective such as when children of differing abilities are in the same class or behavioural problems. This can also occur if you are given a different teacher each week and your child does not handle change very well.

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